Congratulations to Ashley Brannon, the Polk County Public Schools Teacher of the Year

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A Brannon

Ashley Brannon: Karen M. Siegel Academy’s 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year!

Brannon says it is a “privilege” to serve students with severe physical, cognitive and behavioral disabilities at Karen M. Siegel Academy.

As a curriculum coach/resource teacher, she helps other teachers use best practices in their classrooms so that students can succeed. She also implemented a schoolwide writing program so that every student can express themselves through text, no matter what their disability may be.

Brannon helps with the planning and chaperoning of extracurricular activities and special events at her school, including prom, graduation and seasonal events. In addition, she volunteers her time to assist new educators from neighboring schools, helping them study for certification exams and sharing strategies that will benefit their students.

“My community, school and students provide me with so much happiness,” Brannon says. “My only hope is that I can one day repay them with the same.”